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Visit the website of any dive center or resort operation that trains instructors. Look at the section where they talk about their staff's qualifications (assuming they even have such a section). Odds are, they will speak glowingly about the fact their staff instructors have achieved the minimum qualifications needed to conduct training at a particular level.

What they generally don't tell you is that these qualifications may not extend much beyond this.

If you'd like to really find out the scoop on what a diver or instructor training center has to offer, ask any of the questions appearing below. You may be surprised at the answers. What you may find is that their instructors know little more than how to teach from the book.

We, on the other hand, generally wrote the book and teach from a depth of personal and professional experience you won't find elsewhere. (We are, after all, a division of Commercial Diving Academy, a company that trains real divers to real work in all corners of the globe.)

Here is what you should be asking:

  • How long, on average, has your instructional staff been diving? (Our average is over 20 years each.)
  • How many dives have your instructional staff made? (On average, our staff has logged over 5,000 dives each.)
  • How many divers and instructors has your staff trained? (Our average staff member has trained well over 1,000 divers and instructors.)
  • What has your instructor staff done besides training divers and instructors?

This last question is the most significant, as it has a direct bearing on how much you will really learn. Among their other accomplishments, our staff members have. collectively:

  • Operated successful dive store and resort operations in the USA, Caribbean and Pacific.
  • Captained charters and guided dives for tens of thousands of divers.
  • Worked at the international headquarters of several major diver training organizations, and developed training materials for most others.
  • Published articles in several dive magazines.
  • Trained and worked as commercial divers and commercial diving instructors at locations around the globe.
  • Explored dozens of underwater caves in Florida, the Bahamas and the Yucatan.
  • Served their country in the US Navy and other services, as a diver or in related capacities.

Commercial Diving Academy (CDA) has been training commercial divers since 1995. We provide the diving industry with qualified, surface-supplied air mixed gas divers for the entire period we have been in business. Why not learn diving from those who teach professional commercial scuba divers?

We practice and teach the pinnacle of underwater performance through the entire range of career options, from surface ship husbandry to deep water, saturation diving. We have the facilities, the knowledge, the experience, and the seasoned instructors that can help you realize your recreational diving goals, or turn your diving aspirations into a professional career.

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