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Diving Instructor Training

Many people who take basic diving lessons want to share their experiences with others. Scuba instruction allows participants to see the incredible diversity of underwater life and to feel weightless, yet fully in tune with their bodies. It develops a unique interdependency and camaraderie, as well as a respect for and use of leadership skills. The beginner who enters this informal society of divers worldwide often wants more. Training to become an instructor is the way to exploit one's skills and passion fully.

Diving Lessons for Instructor Certification

Seeking instructor certification is also a way to work in this singular environment every day. Giving lessons to beginners, pros or technical tradespeople makes scuba a part of life, rather than the basis for a short vacation. Professional programs can offer an exciting future or monumental career change for those who love scuba but who haven't considered earning a living at it.

A training center with comprehensive lesson offerings will provide quick core certification and the means to go all the way to Professional Instructor and beyond. Students move through the various phases, building:

  • Core water skills
  • Diving-related biology, physiology, math and physics
  • Dive communication skills
  • Leadership and lesson techniques
  • Emergency and rescue scenarios

A quality international training center includes board and meals in an intensive modular program that provides maximum dive time and expert instruction. While lessons are challenging and scuba sessions are sustained, most students find great satisfaction in the training atmosphere and methods. Commercial Diving Academy is a Central Florida organization that offers students a lifetime of satisfaction in teaching others safe practices and technical skills.

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