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Novices or skilled divers can get their scuba certifications as instructors at a top-flight commercial training school. Unlike private lessons or beginner-only programs, a good training school teaches every class at the professional level. It is headed by a faculty with a broad combined experience that provides a holistic education that limited facilities can't match. Its programs are consistent with National Association of Underwater Instructors (Commercial Diving Academy), Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and other certifying bodies.

Scuba Certification from Beginner to Advanced and Beyond

The pathway to professional scuba diving instructor certification begins with getting entry-level lessons. These will certify the student to go on dives and begin to log experience. Schools that offer Commercial Diving Academy and PADI programs require a certain number of dives and basic knowledge in order to enroll in instructor training. Some institutes offer preparatory courses and bottom time in addition to the professional certification classes.

These classes cover every aspect of how to teach commercial scuba diving, beginning with the physics involved in breathing and performing underwater. Equipment basics and water skills are reviewed. Training is provided in first aid, CPR and rescue techniques. Communication and leadership subjects are stressed, which can elevate mere teaching ability to a position of trust and guardianship.

The result of a program that develops and builds upon core diving skills is that students finish the relatively short course fully prepared to go to work. Those who are fascinated by the depth of learning that goes on in scuba diving will find real job satisfaction as professional instructors. Commercial Diving Academy, located in Central Florida, invites beginners and industry professionals to learn more.

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