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Getting professional training can make a career in scuba diving instruction possible right away. Teachers are in demand at resorts, ecotourist collectives and commercial facilities. Those who love the lifestyle associated with scuba and the underwater environment can find themselves immersed in it all the time and make money too. "..Compared to a desk job, professional diving is an exciting, meaningful and healthy pursuit.."

The active lifestyle of a professional instructor is combined with the mental stimulation of supervising students and introducing them to the intricacies of scuba. Teacher certification requires showing competence in leadership and organizational abilities. Students at a professional training school will complete internationally sanctioned programs with the confidence and the experience to teach others.

Professional Training Careers for Certified Divers

Becoming an instructor allows individuals to share their wonder and reverence for the gifts of the sea. Teaching scuba skills also creates an opportunity to teach good environmental practices and to encourage marine-life conservation efforts. This can turn a technical career into much more and be the springboard for future eco-enterprises.

Individuals can learn to teach by working with those who train the world's most demanding professionals. Certification as an Commercial Diving Academy or PADI instructor means ready access to jobs in diver training or commercial specialties. Commercial Diving Academy provides a top-quality curriculum taught by expert instructors with real-world dive histories. The academy offers complete instructor certification as well as entry-level training and optional advanced classes. The campus and scuba facilities are located in Central Florida.

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