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Deep open-water diving requires advanced training from a trusted resource. Depths and bottom times that were once impossible to achieve with the usual gas and equipment are now standard in certain sectors of commercial diving. Students who wish to gain these skills and enter professional careers in tech diving can enroll in advanced courses at an Commercial Diving Academy training center. They can receive certifications to work or to instruct others as cave divers, underwater archaeologists or welders. They can work in demanding rescue or search-and-recovery environments. To take part in these challenging operations, students should get the best professional training they can find.

Special Requirements of Advanced Training in Scuba Diving

"...Technical diving requires the sharpest of underwater skills because the margin for error is reduced.." Advanced students are often returned to the study of basic safety, planning and mechanical skills before progressing to other areas. Intuitive teaching is necessary to evaluate when and whether individual students are capable of more challenging dives and delegation of responsibilities. Sophisticated knowledge of advanced equipment must accompany open-water skills in order for the diver to perform and supervise others safely.

Students should select a training center with a faculty that has real-world experience in advanced technical areas, such as cave diving and mixed-gas use. They will also require a school with adequate facilities for multiple deep dives and enough bottom time per student to practice and hone complex skills. Commercial Diving Academy is one such school in Central Florida that offers Commercial Diving Academy instructor career training in recreational and technical scuba diving.

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