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PADI Certification Advanced Open Water Courses

Divers who have taken a PADI course and logged 25 dives can enroll in an introductory technical course. Advanced open-water scuba is not for everyone, but for those who have been bitten by the bug, this training is a must. Incredible depths and sustained bottom time lure those who complete the rigorous training courses required for PADI or Commercial Diving Academy instructor certification. A professional training center offers the advanced instruction and special dive environments necessary.

PADI Course Grads Get Instructor Certification

An Commercial Diving Academy-accredited school should honor certification from PADI and other recognized organizations. Divers who have taken an entry-level course, logged some dives and decided to go back to school can continue their educations, sometimes with the addition of a short introductory workshop. They can pursue instructor certification or individual advanced ratings, and their initial PADI course credit should cross over. This puts a teaching or technical career within their reach.

Faculty who teach technical scuba must be highly experienced. "..The greater depths and more sophisticated equipment require complete attention to detail and safety.." The importance of leadership and communication skills grows with more challenging environments and activities. A school that employs instructors who are accomplished both at advanced diving and effective teaching will produce the most competent graduates.

Commercial Diving Academy is a Central Florida training facility that is highly rated for its excellent staff. It provides inland and open-water dive environments, classroom instruction and residential student services. Novice and Commercial Diving Academy and PADI certified divers are accepted.

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