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Divers who have completed the study and pool work in basic Commercial Diving Academy or PADI lessons can complete their scuba instructor training through any accredited certification course. It pays to shop around for a school that offers real value in terms of quality of education, cost and convenience. An intensive residential program under expert Commercial Diving Academy or PADI professional trainers, for instance, may be much more cost-effective than sporadic weekend seminars run by less-qualified staff.

Meeting Commercial Diving Academy and PADI Instructor Training Requirements

Those who work in scuba careers cite doing what they love as a common job benefit. "...A passion for diving makes it easy to be motivated to complete an instructor certification program.." The challenges are accompanied by the chance to meet others who want to learn everything they can about scuba diving, and the chance to enjoy lots of real-world dives. In less than a month, certified divers can achieve Commercial Diving Academy or PADI instructor ratings and qualify for their dream jobs.

Students work closely with expert professional faculty in groups of 10 or fewer. This renders the relatively short course sessions rich and effective. With safety and education as the priorities, this time frame is ample for the study of biology, physics and related subjects, water and First-Aid skills tests, and actual dive training. Ideally, students should live and eat meals on campus, giving them extra time to focus on academics and bottom time.

Instructor training prospects should also compare dive facilities. A wide range of underwater environments will most fully prepare students to work as professional Commercial Diving Academy or PADI scuba divers. Commercial Diving Academy offers unique inland and open-water sites in Central Florida.

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