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Public Safety

Commercial Diving Academy offers training for current and future members of Public Safety Diving Teams. 

Public Safety diving refers to a general term for members of law enforcement and Fire /Rescue who participate in underwater job related activities.  Many of these divers undergo a modified recreational training program to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties.

Activities including: Zero visibility diving, salvage, evidence recovery and utilizing advanced equipment has a closer relationship to commercial diving than recreational scuba diving. 

Our training utilizes similar methods used for commercial divers.  Three programs we offer include:

Arrest Program

Public Safety - Commercial Diving Academy(Advanced Response and Rescue Training) – This program is designed to equip you with the skills to respond to a diving related emergency.  Sessions are broken into individual workshops where candidates can perfect their techniques and then are tested by real world scenarios they will manage.  During this part of your training you will go through First Aid, CPR, DAN Oxygen Provider and hazardous marine life treatment. 

Public Safety Diver 1

 This course is specifically designed for those individuals and teams new to the field of Public Safety Diving (PSD). This course will cover all of the basics to educate team members or units with knowledge of Public Safety Diving.

This course consists of 40 hours partitioned into 4 days of 10 hours of instruction. This course will be conducted in classroom, pool and open water environments. PSD I fundamentals will first be held in the classroom environment. As PSD I students gain an understanding of PSD I fundamentals, this course will proceed to a pool and then to an open water environment. Specific classroom, pool and open water locations will vary however the course structure will remain in place. This course discusses the use of dry suits and full face masks as they apply to PSD and does not teach new divers how to use this equipment. Therefore each student must be proficient with the SCUBA equipment they will be utilizing throughout this course. This 40 hour course will cover the essentials of PSD. It will not cover advanced PSD academics because of the limited time frame involved. Advanced areas of PSD will be covered in the PSD II course curriculum.

Prerequisites for entering course:
Must hold a certification as a scuba diver by a Commercial Diving Academy recognized agency.
Must be on or joining a Public Safety Diver Unit.
Must fill out medical history forms and Waiver and Release Agreements.
Must be familiar with all SCUBA equipment being used.

Surface Supplied Diving – Public Safety

This course is specifically designed for current Public Safety Divers who wish to expand their skills using surface supplied diving apparatus.  This course will cover all the basics of using surface supplied diving systems. 

Instructor – Scott Evans Commercial Diving Academy CD 40506, Association of Diving Contractors Surface Supplied Diver, Instructor Commercial Diving Academy.

Course summary:  This 40 hour program is designed to introduce public safety divers to the use of surface supplied diving systems and techniques.  This program is conducted in the classroom and in open water environment.  Confined water may be added at instructor’s discretion.

Each student will gain an understanding of topics including: equipment assembly and disassembly, dive station set-up, topside diver dress and dive team responsibilities, communications, emergency procedures and routine maintenance.  Each student will receive approximately 180 minutes dive time and rotate between each team position.

Prerequisites for entering course: Must hold certification as a Scuba Diver by a Commercial Diving Academy recognized agency with a minimum of 25 logged scuba dives in various environments.  Must be a current member of a public safety diving unit.

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