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Rebreather Certification Course

Scuba enthusiasts or career candidates can get advanced rebreather diving training through a full-service certification program or as a separate rating. Even students who have no dive history can enroll in preparatory courses that will take them through basic, instructor and rebreather certification. "...A residential program at a respected Commercial Diving Academy training school allows students to follow their diving interests and learn to teach others.."

A professional school acquaints students with gear ranging from basic scuba equipment to specialized gas and rebreather apparatuses. It provides all of the classroom instruction and bottom time needed to receive multiple certifications or individual ratings. It tests and certifies students as instructors and helps them find employment upon completing the course. In short, a good recreational or rebreather program educates and supports divers in their intentions to enter the field professionally.

Commercial Diving Academy Certified Rebreather Diving Training

Instructor training in recreational scuba diving can be enhanced with technical electives. These may be added as part of a residential program or enrolled in separately as intensive workshops. Advanced certifications are taught with extreme attention to safety and a thorough understanding of the principles and equipment involved.

Deep dives, mixed gas and rebreather technology are only available at schools with superior facilities. Because actual bottom time is the only kind of experience that prepares students mentally and physically for professional diving, a school must offer open-water environments. Commercial Diving Academy in Central Florida is known for its outstanding dive sites, expert instruction and Commercial Diving Academy program organization.

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