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Scuba Diving International Instructor Training now available at CDA
Commercial Diving Academy in an effort to continually offer the best diver training programs, created a new alliance with Scuba Diving International /Technical Diving International (SDI/TDI).
For those considering the career path of a diving instructor this new opportunity to become a SDI/TDI instructor will allow you a greater opportunity for jobs worldwide.

SDI/TDI is recognized worldwide, and with growing demand, qualified instructors are difficult to find!
The approach SDI/TDI takes to training divers is very appealing.  Training focuses on the essentials and utilizes state-of-the-art materials including a variety of web based training materials.

"The combination of our Ultimate Diver Training facility and the SDI/TDI training program, we can focus on the fundamentals of developing professional instructors. The training and real world experience that is most important in becoming a diving professional only comes from the in-water experience." Says Scott Evans, Scuba Program Manager for PSDA and 40 Fathom Grotto.

"It's not the agency that makes the instructor, but it really does help in the success of the instructor." Says Evans.

Beginning March of 2009 instructor all candidates will be training in our new SDI/TDI Total Immersion Program. This program is 26 days (260 clock hours) and candidates will spend much of that time underwater – training to become top notch pros!

We have included in the program, an intensive 50 hour course dealing with diving emergencies and a Hyperbaric Chamber orientation, which will include a dry dive.

Graduates of the Total Immersion Program will come away with valuable skills that can only be acquired at our "Ultimate Diver Training" Facility. These are the skills employers are seeking, especially in a competitive hiring environment.
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