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Students who are interested in scuba instructor training have a variety of Florida facilities from which to choose. There are many high-priced schools in South Florida and the Keys. Locating in this high-demand area raises the school's overhead and therefore enrollment fees. Those who are interested in superior education as well as an affordable program should keep looking. "...It is the level of teaching expertise, not the location, that will make the difference in producing competent instructors.."

In selecting a training program, students should consider:

  • The average length of faculty teaching service
  • The number of dives each faculty member has made
  • The number of instructors they have each trained
  • Their additional scuba-related work histories

These numbers should be high and the related experience should be broad, in several areas of diving other than instruction.

Divers Learn and Teach in Scuba Instructor Training

In addition to broad and lengthy experience, teachers must be able to communicate their skills to a variety of learners. Success in this area is measured by student satisfaction ratings and effective job placement. It comes from a well-organized program that allows students first to learn and then to practice teaching, under the supervision of world-class scuba educators.

A school location that allows for a variety of inland and open-water training is the most efficient. Commercial Diving Academy offers a unique private environment for achieving several different certifications. Its Central Florida location is convenient and moderate in cost, and its teachers are highly regarded by industry experts.

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