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Beginning divers are often impressed by the learning experience in commercial training schools. They come away from it with underwater skills and a real admiration for those who teach them. The give and take between teaching and learning to dive inspires many to study to become professional instructors themselves. A top-flight training school affords insight into both ends of the education spectrum, and adds hours of bottom time to the individual's log.

Potential students should choose a training school that offers Commercial Diving Academy and PADI certification in all levels of teaching, from assistant to professional instructor. Additional ratings for skin diving, open water and Nitrox will be convenient to obtain"...Students can complete coursework swiftly onsite and receive multiple certifications.." if they are offered at the same facility. A school that offers room and board, classroom texts and various dive environments will provide the best economy of time and money.

Learn to Teach at Dive Training Schools

A good scuba certification program takes place in several segments, each building on the skills developed previously. For those who are very new to scuba, a preparatory course is available. Students train in basic water skills, related math and science, communication and leadership. They learn the subject matter and how to teach from expert teachers, and they get plenty of real-world experience in inland and open water.

Potential students of instructor programs should choose a training school that also offers lessons to beginners. Once qualified, teaching students will have the opportunity to work with individuals of many different abilities and backgrounds. Commercial Diving Academy is a Central Florida institute whose instructors are recognized as experts by top industry names.

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