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While diving can be an expensive sport, scuba diving as a career becomes a lucrative prospect. That doesn't mean it has to cost a lot of money to get certified. Affordable, high-quality programs are available that offer several ways for students to finance their educations. Because Commercial Diving Academy and PADI training standards are so high, graduates are prepared to enter careers and start earning money immediately.

"...Many students pursue scuba jobs for the healthy work lifestyle.." Diving or diving instruction lends an opportunity to both work outdoors and use mental and leadership skills. The exercise and breathing techniques are good for the body, rather than detrimental, as in some sedentary office jobs in confined environments. Making the choice to work in a healthy mental and physical space is a good career start or a great job change that will pay off for a lifetime.

A Career as Scuba Instructor Is an Attainable Goal

Whether or not students already have their entry-level certification as scuba divers, a career program is efficient and affordable. Uncertified or inexperienced divers can take an instructor preparatory course for three days to qualify for the full-phase program. This can take place at a career training center alone or in conjunction with the rest of the classes. Students will progress through the phases, earning sequential Commercial Diving Academy or PADI certifications of advanced or master scuba diver, assistant instructor or professional instructor within three weeks. Optional electives can augment any particular track.

A residential program saves students money on hotels and meals and maximizes scuba training hours. Commercial Diving Academy is a Central Florida school with reasonable tuition and highly rated instruction.

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