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Instructor candidates choose our school because our focus is developing professional instructors who are ready to work.  Our Jacksonville campus is conveniently located 15 minutes from Jacksonville International Airport.  The Academy’s training sites have the unique advantage of being situated along major bodies of water. The banks of the St. Johns River are home to the Florida site, which is only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The campus provides inland as well as and open-water diving experiences. The site is equipped with multiple classrooms, library, conference room, administrative offices and state of-the-art Hyperbaric and decompression facilities.

Where we dive:
SCUBA Career Training - Commercial Diving Academy - 40 Fathom GrottoOur facility, 40 Fathom Grotto, is designed to be dive, eat and sleep.  We offer on-site lodging and all your meals are home cooked at our fresh water resort located North Florida, heart of spring country.  We choose to run our program there instead of higher priced locations in South Florida and the Keys.  This saves you money and we can guarantee you will get all the diving you want in – day or night. 

SCUBA Career Training - Commercial Diving AcademyAnother benefit is our facility is open the public – you’ll get some very important real world experience training REAL DIVERS.  This is part of our REAL WORLD training that will help make you successful, confident diving pro!


40 Fathom Grotto
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