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SCUBA Career Training - Commercial Diving AcademyThe adventure starts here

Millions of people worldwide learn to scuba dive every year.  Few divers forget the thrill of breathing underwater for the first time.  As a professional diving educator, you will be the person they remember for providing that first experience. 

Imagine brining this unique adventure into people’s lives everyday, all while working in paradise! 

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. So what are you waiting for?

Accept the ChallengeBecome a diving instructor

You could be pursuing a rewarding full time career as a professional diving educator.  We can make it happen for you.  Our graduates work internationally, as well as here in the states.  They train divers, crew live aboard dive vessels, and operate their own dive businesses. 

SCUBA Career Training - Commercial Diving AcademyOur students relay on our comprehensive programs to provide the skills needed to be successful, as well as the additional knowledge employers seek.

You skills will be challenged under the watchful eye of our instructors. Our small classes guarantee individual attention few other schools can offer.

Our rigorous curriculum with extensive practical training will demand your commitment to this challenging program.
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