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Technical Dive Training

Technical dive training exceeds the requirements of recreational scuba for the purpose of specialized research, recovery or other missions that require deep exploration. Employment in technical areas is one student goal, and instructing others in these advanced techniques is a second option. A school that offers both technical dive skills and instructor training allows students to sample this field of scuba diving and decide whether a career suits them.

Technical Dive Training Requires Top Faculty

Tech diving requires a higher level of all-around water skills and planning protocols. Certification with various gases and mixes and the use of specially designed equipment is part of the training. The greater risk involved in this type of diving makes the quality of instruction critical. "...Teachers who have both intimate knowledge of their subjects and professional experience can help to give students the big picture.." A thorough understanding of the subject is necessary to perform safely.

Those who want to become instructors, however, will need something more. Teachers who are experts in their fields must be able to communicate well and accommodate a variety of learning styles. They need to be able to create and guide students through "what-if" scenarios, in order to elevate emergency preparedness skills. They should also have the ability to project what they know into a career-friendly format, making information both accessible and usable to students pursuing different goals.

By experiencing this kind of teaching, students will learn to be flexible where it counts and firm in adherence to the basics. Those who are interested in technical dive training should select a school that emphasizes teaching skills. Commercial Diving Academy is staffed by professional instructors who are experienced mentors as well as industry-recognized experts.

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