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Technical Diving Training Schools

As beginning scuba divers master basic water skills and log successful dives, advanced training courses can open new horizons. Training for deep exploration or underwater technical trades qualifies divers for many exciting jobs, such as marine archaeologist or oil-rig welder. Perfecting these skills and completing accredited courses prepares students to learn more every day and ultimately to instruct others.

A full-service career training center will provide all the training and certification necessary to enter the job market upon graduation. A comprehensive school offers:

  • Classroom study
  • Water skills training
  • First aid and CPR testing
  • Advanced Nitrox and rebreather courses
  • Commercial Diving Academy instructor certification

Finding Quality Technical Scuba Training Courses

Students who want to teach beyond the recreational level can add electives to their courses or return to pursue those certifications later. Taking an intro tech class to prepare for advanced classes helps students to refresh or strengthen their core safety skills, which must be exceptional. They will be new to diving at greater depths, with unfamiliar gases or equipment. The underwater environment will be more challenging, and the physical consequences more dire if requirements are not met.

"...An intro course will help students determine whether they are candidates for this demanding form of scuba diving.." If so, they can become certified in Helitrox, Nitrox and trimix diving or other advanced technical ratings. Commercial Diving Academy is a professional school in Central Florida that offers Commercial Diving Academy-accredited programs in recreational and technical diving instruction.

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